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Contact an Academic Advisor

Get your own academic advisor to help guide you one-on-one on your degree and career path decisions

Prescott Campus:

(928) 776-2106

Mon-Thurs: 8am - 5pm  
Fri: 9:30 am - 5 pm

Verde Valley Campus:

(928) 634-6510

Mon-Thurs: 8am - 5pm  
Fri  9:30 am - 5 pm

Who are my advisors?

You can easily find your advisors and how to contact them by looking in the upper left hand corner of your MyYC portal link

  advisor link   advisor popout

The pop-out will show links to schedule an appointment or to contact both your academic advisor and your financial aid advisor.

Browse by advisor type

If you do not have an advisor yet, please browse by advisor type below to see which areas they support and what types of questions they can answer. 

Admissions Advisors

How can an Admissions Advisor support you:

Meet our

Admissions Advisors:

Shannon Johnsemail

Ashley Harlan -   email

Carla Weil (Prescott Valley) - email

Jeremy Poehnert - email

Rebecca Seigars (Prescott Valley) -  email

Kim Stuit (Verde) - email

We want to help you move forward with your plan as quickly as possible.


To do this we have created two groups within our Academic & Career Advisors to help you transition into and succeed through your plan. See below how Enrollment and Retention Academic & Career Advisors can help you.

How can an Enrollment Academic & Career Advisor support you:

New students planning their degree or certificate path may need help with the following:

  • Career exploration - identifying what jobs may fit you best
  • Choosing a degree or certificate that best suits your overall needs and goals
  • Registering for classes and developing a plan for your courses using Degreeworks

Meet our Enrollment Academic & Career Advisors:

Kelsey Behnken 
Supports:  Health & Wellness, Science & Engineering, Transfer programs

Jessica Lee
Supports:  Career & Technical Education ( Verde Valley based),   Arts & HumanitiesHealth & WellnessBusiness & Computer Science, Transfer programs

Gwen Payne 
Supports:  Arts & Humanities, Business & Computer Science, EducationSocial ScienceChino Valley Agribusiness Center Programs and NARTA

Jenn Zimmerman  
Supports:  Career & Technical Education, Aviation, Gunsmithing

How can a Retention Academic & Career Advisor support you:

Currently enrolled students may need assistance with the following:

  • Planning their upcoming semester coursework or overall degree/certificate planning help
  • Planning to transfer to/from another college
  • Deciding whether to change their degree or certificate program of study
  • Applying for graduation
  • Needing support during the academic semester to be successful

Meet our Retention Academic & Career Advisors:

Ashley Burkhardt 
Supports: Arts & Humanities, Social Science

Jenn Zimmerman   
Supports:  Career & Technical Education, Aviation, Gunsmithing

Angela Fabela   
Supports: Arts & HumanitiesHealth & Wellness,   Science & Engineering

Bob Hoskovec   
Supports: Business & Computer Science,

Andrea Riffel   
Supports Verde Valley students and Verde Valley based programs for:  Arts & HumanitiesBusiness & Computer ScienceCareer & Technical EducationHealth & Wellness, Social ScienceScience & Engineering

Jodi Showler 
Supports: Health & Wellness, Associates of General Studies (transfer)

Learn more about the variety of course options we offer our Yavapai County high school students

Who do Early College Advisors support:

Student currently enrolled in high school who may be:

  • Taking Dual Enrollment at their high school
  • Taking classes at a YC campus via the CTED program
  • Taking concurrent enrollment courses
  • Home school students

Meet our Early College Advisors

Amy Buettner - schedule an appointmentemail
Supports:  Mingus, Camp Verde, Sedona Red Rock, Chino Valley, AHA, Home school students

Anne Stoxen -   schedule an appointment | email
Supports:  Tri City Prep, Bradshaw Mountain High School, Bagdad, and Home School students

Chelsie Klaine - schedule an appointmentemail
Supports:  AAEC and Home School students

Cristina Poeppel -   schedule an appointment | email
Supports:  Ashfork, Aspire, Basis, Canyon View, Orme, Mayer, Northpoint, Prescott, Seligman, Trinity Christian, West-Mec and Home School students


Our team supports students who are participating in the YC Promise Program. Learn about this great opportunity here

Meet our YC Promise Advisor:

Bradi Rhodes -   schedule an appointment | email
YC Promise Academic Success Advisor

TRIO Student Support Services closely works with you to increase your leadership and confidence for an enriching college experience. We're here to keep you on track to discover your strengths as you learn and grow toward your future! Learn more about our program and if you are eligible  here

Meet our SSS-TRIO Advisors:

Carol Beard -   email
SSS-TRIO Advisor

Cathy Gertsch - email
SSS-TRIO Advisor

Linda Evans -   email
SSS-TRIO Advisor

Sureka Wrublik - email
SSS-TRIO Advisor