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Transitions Services

It is possible to make a new life for you and your family

Maybe you're in the process of earning a GED, you already have your GED, or you're taking ESL classes but you're not quite sure what to do next.

While many of the students reported feeling scared, overwhelmed, or anxious about what to do next -- all of them discovered that they could become successful with a little help from Adult Education services.

People 16 years of age and up who have had challenging life situations discovered the secret of becoming a successful student through the Adult Education services at Yavapai College. 

Now might be the time to transition to the new life you're dreaming of for you or your family.

Begin your transition - call the Adult Education Transitions Coordinator at 928-776-2320

Current Transitions Students

Seventeen year old Chris says high school didn't work for him. He enrolled in Yavapai College's Adult Education program to prepare for the GED exam. Excited about future possibilities, Chris would like to study graphic arts and computer design. Chris C.

Ishmel made a good living and supported his family driving trailer trucks for many years. Now, age has caught up with him. His body says, "No more!" He is back in school working toward his GED.Ishmel C.

Not quite ready for her exam, P.C. switched from in-class GED to Distance Learning so she can better manage family obligations. Her ultimate goal is to earn a certificate from Yavapai College that will open the door to a secure job with benefits. P.C.

Yavapai College's Adult Education program goes well beyond earning your GED. We'll also guide you in the transition from a high school level equivalent education to pursuing your college education

Jen was kicked out of school in 9th grade and became a teen mom. She didn't have much hope for the future. Five years later, she found herself in Yavapai College's ABE program.

Jen rose 6 grade levels in math in 6 weeks and passed the GED exam! She enrolled in college classes but had to quit - her husband had suffered a life-threatening car accident.

Determined to achieve her goal, she enrolled in online courses so she could continue her education as she took care of her family. She has earned her A.A. in Healthcare Management.Jen

Ellie came to Arizona from Mexico 5 years ago. It took great courage to leave the country she grew up in and the language that she knew.

"Math was my worst enemy, besides writing." "I had to practice every day." And practice she did. Ellie not only passed her GED, but went on to become a U.S. citizen and enroll in college.

She is now part of Yavapai College's TRiO Program. Her advice: "Apply for scholarships, get involved in the community, and investigate all the help you can get."Ellie M.

Pastor J. learned English as a second language AND earned his GED from YC's Adult Education program.

"I learned a lot.They are very patient with you, and they have very good resources. I am very glad they have the program, and I really encourage all my people to go and finish their high school.

The best thing is, now I can tell them, "Listen, I went there and I did it, you can do it too." Pastor J

As an adult education student at Yavapai College, you can take career exploration assessments to help you find careers that match your talents and interests. You'll participate in activities that increase your chances for success in college and beyond. You'll get the information, skills, and resources you need to get a fresh start toward pursuing your dreams.

"Life to me means always trying to improve yourself,” … “I look at my life as a learning experience." Forty-two year old grandma, Dana, overcame an unstable childhood, past substance abuse and bouts of depression. She quit smoking and drinking. After getting her GED in the fall of 2010, D.S. enrolled in online college.

She currently sports a 4.0 average, and anticipates earning an A.A. degree in Medical Coding & Billing by December.

"Each and every day is a new adventure, new opportunity, a brand new day!"Dana S.

David is one of the many veterans attending YC. Once homeless and a drug addict, he is now in recovery.

"My original plan was just to get my GED, but Mark (GED instructor) really sparked my interest." David's goal is to become a counselor to help returning veterans with the same kinds of problems he had. He is working toward his AAS in Social and Human Services.

About YC Adult Education, David says, "It's an excellent program. I recommend it to everybody." David H.

Just imagine what you can do when you start fresh and begin the process of obtaining job training or a college education! Get started on your GED and we'll write your story here, so others can be inspired by your personal success.