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Providing educational enrichment opportunities and scholarship incentives for superior students attending any Yavapai College campus, the program helps to provide an environment that nurtures students: Academically, Socially, Emotionally, and Intellectually.  Visit our student website here.

"The program has been a major source of educational and personal growth. I have been exposed to very bright people with a wide range of thoughts and beliefs."

-- Matt Stalter College Honors Program


CHP Member Benefits

  • A tuition waiver for 15 credits
  • Fees Paid
  • Dorm Room
  • Textbooks
  • Educational and enriching trips and activities

College Honors Program Academic Requirements

Students who have proven their ability to excel academically can participate in the College Honors Program on either the Prescott or Verde Valley campuses.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age by the start of the Fall semester, and
  2. Applicants must have at least two full semesters of work remaining before completion of an Associate degree (applicants may be asked to provide an advisor-signed academic plan), and
  3. Applicants must include one of the following with their application:
    • High School Transcripts demonstrating a cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or greater on a 4.0 scale (or a score of 650 or greater on a High School Equivalence Diploma), or
    • Yavapai College Transcripts demonstrating 14 or more completed of credits of degree or certificate seeking classes of a GPA of 3.5 or higher, or
    • An SAT score of 1500 or higher, or
    • An ACT score of 24 or higher
Learn about College Honor Student Tayleen White

Tayleen"I was born and raised in Chino Valley, Arizona and I love it. I've moved once in my life and it was right down the street, so I haven't had the chance to travel much.

Tayleen White

Throughout all my years in school I have always exceeded in my academics and achieved the highest standards possible. Throughout elementary and middle school, I was in higher level classes and honors classes, then when I got into high school I started taking Dual Enrollment classes through Yavapai College.

I heard about the YC Honors Program through a councilor at my high school, Mrs. Bray, and she thought it would be a good program for me to get into to. So I applied and I was the only one from Chino Valley high school to get accepted =]. I thought it would be perfect for me because I had already taken classes at Yavapai College.

This program has helped me in lots of ways, not just by granting me free college, but by giving me the chance to help out in my community. I'm planning on completing the Radiology program through Yavapai, then transferring to a university to specialize in ultrasounds, specifically Obstetric sonography.

Can't wait!"

Learn about College Honor Student Jasmine Kemper

JasmineJasmine Kemper, Paris, Louvre Museum with the Mona Lisa: "The museums were so inspiring to me, and it may be why I decided to take some photography & poetry classes here at YC.

Jasmine Kemper

One of my favorite pictures! Everything inside the Louvre is beautiful. The Mona Lisa, however, was something I had to see. She is yet another thing in the world that you always dream of seeing, but some people may never get to, and i can say that I have.

Surprisingly, she is much smaller than I thought, and had a wall all to herself. I was happy to get this picture because there was a huge crowd pushing and shoving me in excitement.

The trip to the Louvre enriched my life so much, because I got to see so much works of art in one night, showing me so many cultures in one spot. I remember seeing paintings the size of the wall itself, and just sitting down and staring up at them for quite some time.

I also had the chance to get a journal out, and write down what I felt about the works of art and how they made me feel."

Once Admitted to CHP Students Must
  1. Enroll and complete a minimum of 13 credit hours (from courses numbered 100 or higher)
  2. Progress towards earning a Yavapai College Associates Degree
  3. Participate in special honors activities
  4. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5