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Program Contacts

Program Director Nancy Bowers (928) 776-2252
Instructional Specialist Stephanie Kallam (928) 771-6122
Dean Scott Farnsworth (928) 776-2234

Quick Facts

About the Medical Assistant Certificate

The Medical Assistant certificate program prepares students for employment in health care offices including primary care and specialty physicians' offices, ambulatory care, and urgent care facilities.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Medical Assistant Certificate program, the learner will be able to:


  1. Manage medical records upholding security and privacy standards as outlined in HIPAA regulations. (AHS 100, AHS 120, AHS 296)
  2. Use computer programs commonly found in health care settings. (AHS 296, CSA 126)
  3. Deliver health care to clients with multiple health care needs. (AHS 100, AHS 103, AHS 120, AHS 121, AHS 130, AHS 140, AHS 296, BIO 160 or BIO 201 & 202, HIM 140)
  4. Document how diversity and culture affect delivery of health care. (AHS 100, AHS 120, AHS 296)
  5. Obtain specimens for diagnostic evaluation and testing. (AHS 103, AHS 121, AHS 296)
  6. Describe the structural organization of the body. (AHS 120, AHS 121, BIO 160 or BIO 201 & 202, HIM 140)
  7. Calculate medical dosages. (AHS 121, AHS 296, MAT 100)
  8. List the indications for use, dosage forms, usual dosage, side effects, interactions with other drugs, storage requirements, generic and trade names and mechanism of action for common used medications. (AHS 121, AHS 140, AHS 296)
  9. For all major body systems, describe common diseases and conditions, methods of diagnosis, short and long term effects of disease processes, treatment and therapy and restoration strategies. (AHS 130, AHS 296, HIM 140)
  10. Distinguish if it is appropriate to release patient records in accordance with policies and procedure for access and disclosure of personal health information. (AHS 120, AHS 296, HIM 173)

Program-Specific Requirements

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